Learn About Gym Equipment Maintenance

Learn About Gym  Equipment Maintenance

Why is Equipment Maintenance Important?

Most fitness center owners and managers don't give maintenance much thought. However, maintenance is key to the success of any facility center. In the long run, maintenance may even be more important than sales.
The hidden cost of not having a maintenance program includes lost customers, legal liability, equipment repair, and replacement costs.


What are the Risks Associated With Poorly-Maintained Equipment?

Just as proper diet and exercise help human beings live healthier lives, preventive maintenance is key to getting the most out of exercise equipment. Preventing service calls, and keeping machines running with minimal downtime, requires more than just wiping down equipment and reporting malfunctioning units to your technician.

A regular program of care truly can extend the life of your equipment, save money in the long run, and prevent members from getting hurt. Not cleaning and/or lubricating a treadmill deck on a regular basis will cause premature wear on both deck and belt, which can lead to high amp draw on the lower board, which in turn can cause an expensive burned board or even a drive motor.

A loose belt on a machine can cause a member to slip and fall off the machine. Cranks that slip, frozen chains, and electrical shorts can be harmful to a member. Dust and dirt alone are a deck or electrical board's worst enemy. A frayed cable can cut a person or even break and cause extreme injuries.


What is a Preventative Maintenance Program?

Our customer Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently, and to limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication, and inspections.
It is a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty, a service agreement isn't necessary. The best analogy is your vehicle. Although the vehicle is under warranty, the dealer does not pay for oil changes, tire rotation, alignments, tune-ups, etc.
All equipment has a manufacturer-suggested Preventative Maintenance Schedule which should be done weekly, monthly, and daily from the day you receive your equipment. We offer a customized program designed for your specific needs.

How Will it Benefit My Facility?

You will find that regular servicing of your equipment pays for itself! No more "Out-of-Order" signs on equipment for weeks! Lower repair costs, especially on older equipment, and its lifespan is greatly increased.
You can create a safe workout environment, limiting potential liability, higher client retention, and a greater return on investment!
During each preventative maintenance visit, all equipment covered under the agreement will be inspected for safety, thoroughly cleaned in the interior as well as the exterior, lubricated, and adjusted according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Upon the completion of your visit, we will complete a preventative maintenance checklist that will indicate any need for repairs that were discovered to avoid any downtime in your facility.

When is the Preventative Maintenance Program Performed?

We work with you and make a maintenance schedule that fits your needs monthly, quarterly, or bi-annually.


Do You Work on Home Gyms?

Yes, our professionally trained technicians come to your home for your convenience.


We repair and supply parts for all brands of strength and cardio fitness equipment.


Detailed professional preventive maintenance will ensure the long life of your treadmill or other fitness equipment.

Delivery and Installation

Our Delivery and Installation Department will also provide the moving services you may need for your home gym.

Can You Certify My Fitness Equipment?

Yes, we can inspect your equipment for safety, make sure it is in good mechanical condition, and give the equipment our stamp of approval.


Do You Install Rubber Gym Flooring?

Yes, we do. And you will find our prices very competitive and work top-notch. We are not carpet layers that claim we can install rubber flooring only for the customer to find out they hired the wrong technician for the job as we have seen time and time again.

Our trained fitness equipment technicians will:

  • Assemble equipment purchased from an outside source
  • Install your equipment after relocating
  • Move your equipment from one room to another
  • Disassemble and prepare equipment for a long move
  • Move your equipment from one location to another
  • Remove old, unwanted, or broken equipment